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small business web design Perth - UPSOUL - co-founder maddy


Co-founder | Brand and Web Design Expert

Meet Maddy, the creative behind UPSOUL’s web designs. She’s got the perfect mix of tech skills and a heart full of care, making websites that grab your attention and touch your soul.

With a background in Data Science and Business, along with a love for design, Maddy brings something special to the table every time. She’s all about those little details and making sure your website not only looks amazing but also makes everyone feel at home.

small business web design Perth - UPSOUL - co-founder himanshu


Co-founder | Sales and Customer Journey

Meet the go-to expert for interaction design and business smarts. This guy’s got an eye for making things look good and a heart full of empathy. He’s not just about design; he knows how to help businesses grow.

With his commercial know-how, he’s likeg a mentor for startups, showing them the ropes and making sure everyone’s journey with UPSOUL is top-notch. It’s all about genuine care and making customers happy.

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