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In the world of wedding and portrait photography, Amanda, the creative force behind “Oceans of Love Photography,” embarked on a profound rebranding journey. This case study unveils the transformation of Amanda’s brand, capturing the essence of her deep connection to the ocean and her unique approach to capturing moments.

Background: The Birth of a Brand

The origins of Amanda’s brand trace back to the potent salutation, “oceans of love,” which she used during her tenure running a yoga studio. This simple yet impactful phrase merged her deep ocean affinity with her photography passion when she delved into underwater photography as a personal hobby.

Challenges: From Underwater to Wedding Captures

A significant challenge emerged as Amanda transitioned from capturing marine life to immortalizing moments of love. This evolution required not only honing her photographic skills but also translating her vibrant spirit as an ocean lover into a captivating brand. A rebrand became essential to communicate this evolution and essence.

Goals: A Unique Identity in a Sea of Competitors

The rebrand set sail with three core goals:

1) Clear Brand Recognition: Amanda sought a rebrand that would instantly resonate with her target audience and convey her values.

2) Standing Out: In a crowded photography landscape, the rebrand aimed to stand out by showcasing Amanda’s ocean-loving, adventurous personality.

3) Boosting Sales: By attracting clients who aligned with her vision, Amanda aimed to enhance bookings and sales, fostering growth for “Oceans of Love Photography.”

Approach: Crafting Amanda’s Authentic Brand

The heart of the rebrand was Amanda’s ideal audience: individuals aged 25-50, captivated by the ocean’s allure and the spirit of adventure. The brand’s personality, characterized as down-to-earth, soulful, and playful, was meticulously honed to mirror Amanda’s essence.

The rebrand’s visual aspect revolved around warm, dreamy colours, mirroring Amanda’s original brand colour while integrating boho elements from the provided Pinterest board.

Solution: A Soulful Identity Takes Shape

The reimagined logo became Amanda’s signature mark. The “o” in “Oceans” was meticulously designed with a yin-yang flair, encapsulating harmony and interconnectedness. The chosen font, “Glamy – Regular,” resonated with its old-school charm and graceful flow, perfectly encapsulating the brand’s dreamy and whimsical vibe.

The colour palette, enriched by warm and dreamy shades, adeptly sidestepped neons and overly turquoise hues. The incorporation of a gentle wave symbol, symbolizing the ocean’s rhythmic beauty, added depth to the brand’s visual identity.

Results: Navigating towards a Radiant Horizon

The rebranding voyage led “Oceans of Love Photography” to a new realm of identity and niche in the photography realm. Amanda’s brand now radiates the boho, chill, and adventurous atmosphere that resonates deeply with her intended audience. The authentic branding beckons clients yearning for heartfelt photography experiences.

Conclusion: Amanda’s Odyssey of Brand Resonance

The rebranding of “Oceans of Love Photography” exemplifies the power of translating personal passion into a visual dialect that harmonises with the right audience. Amanda’s brand encapsulates her ocean-loving essence and her unique approach to capturing love narratives. This transformation envisions “Oceans of Love Photography” ascending as a premier destination wedding photographer, artfully weaving tales along Western Australia’s coasts and beyond.

“From start to finish, Upsoul really just “got me” and my business. I loved working with these guys, and the unfolding of the creative side of branding is so exciting and such an exploration. I absolutely LOVED what they created for me, my logo, the mood board, the fonts, it all came together perfectly. I would highly recommend working with these guys…. 10/10. I have another project I’m launching and they will be my go to from now on”.

Amanda Battle

Oceans of Love Photography

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